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Monday Writing Prompt

There was a single chair tucked in the corner. A beam of light from overhead spilt through a hole in the ceiling. 

My watch a 25th birthday present was stopped at 7:45pm. The face had cracked and bits of glass distorted the numbers. There was a drip of water from a rusted pipe running alongside the ceiling.

There was no visible door.

600 drops had fallen since my watch stopped. There were no windows. A single black 7 was spray painted on the inside. No shadows crept under the door.

An overwhelming absence surrounded me. The drips an deafening echo. My last murky memory a stranger and an envelope. Undoubtedly my insatiable greed led me to this box.

The sun had risen and set before any sign of life emerged. A few crackers slid under the door. Nothing more…
Who had made this makeshift cell, my would be tomb…

Harvey Parker – Throwing Stones

Fan Fiction of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Book 1

Harvey Parker is an orphan who managed to be the only known survivor of known serial killer and mad man, Timio Rydell also known as Lord Vektor. Whose mission in life was to cause anarchy by murdering elected officials and their families. Jeffrey Parker who worked for the FBI criminal task force  and Laura Parker a US diplomat were in the witness protection program hearing reports the Rydell had recently been able to locate, torture and poison Frederick and Alicia Lordano also from the FBI criminal task force.

Timio abandoned by his father, born of a gypsy woman who sold fortunes among other things. Had been on a rampage for 6 months.  During a night high on opiates and other narcotics, he’d overheard a tale from one of the many vagrants living in his run down flat. Words slurring barely keeping her eyes open Maura, a haggard toothless wench and fellow addict lay in a heap of old dirty laundry they’d piled in the corner. Greasy fingers smearing ash into the peeling wallpaper; she told a story that would see Tim live in infamy, only to be stopped by the likes of a small boy.

The grandiose story played to his psychosis, and thus started a hunt for a special child. A child born to parents of the Fed’s. A child who’d bring his downfall.

Rydell had come to understand that the establishment around him would not allow for him to rise through their ranks traditionally. A man with his dark past would not be able to waltz into congress. He’d have to initiate a hostile takeover.

A failed attempt which saw the murders of Laura and Jeffrey, the disappearance of Fred and Alicia and an extraordinary chain of events resting on the shoulders of young Harvey. The Boy who’d bested a serial killer.

Clearing Your Writing To Do List 

We’ve all heard the age old saying, “Writer’s Write” but unless you’ve already arrived you’re probably trying to find a way to be a writerly writer whilst balancing a full time job, family and dare I say it sustaining friendships? It’s not always easy to find your groove and some days your Muse is taking a nap. I get it and this article is chocked full of the pot and kettle schtick today because i too struggle with setting time aside for my craft. We’re gonna jump right in anyway and attempt to glean some insight on how so many other people have “managed to do it”.

When I worked in sales on this super peppy pyramid team they’d advised us to set goals that we’d wanted to achieve that year. At the top of my list was find a better job which i was able to do, but my better job has never been the job I wanted. I want to be a famous author, fund literacy programs and make millions off of my shows and books without having to leave my bedroom. Instead I work at a call center, and spend my days trying to cram writing spurts in between phone calls.

It’s daunting at times, but writer’s write. So even on days when you’ve stared at the same line for the past 20 minutes and all you’ve added was a comma remember that you at least took time to sharpen the blade that is your writing skill. For all other days, there’s a wonderful thing to be said about goal setting. I personally am always proud of myself when I get to scracth another task off my list.

To get started let’s use the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting model. Because it’s the easiest to track. Writer’s goals like all other life goals should be measured based on Specific tasks, that are Measurable in nature, reasonably Attainable, Relevant to achieving an overall goal, and Time – Bound to ensure it can be completed.  I’ve used this method in planning for other aspects of my life but this will be the first time modifying it for my writing needs.

For the sake of keeping busy i attempt to plot out 3 main objectives I’d like to accomplish, breaking them down into the SMART goal format just ensures i get them done. For the purposes of this post, i’ll be mapping out 3 objectives for the Blu Moon Fiction blog.

What We’re Reading: House of D’Antonio

House of D'Antonio

The views shared throughout this review are solely the opinions of Blu Moon Fiction Staff. As always, we recommend reading the book for yourself and should you disagree with our views we encourage you to tell us. The reviews published by Blu Moon Fiction have been read for content, spelling and grammar.

The very first thing I noticed when receiving my copy of, The House of D’Antonio by Reece Cooper James, was the beautiful cover. The young woman on the cover is very striking and the translucent figure gives a sense that something of the paranormal may be happening.

Flipping to the back of the book we read of Roman D’Antonio king of Brocklehurst and surviving ruler of the House of D’Antonio. He alone is charged with traveling through dimensions to seek out Abigail, whose bloodline is the key to breaking the D’Antonio curse. Abigail has been bred to understand her family’s legacy as one of great responsibility; in her world she envisions Roman as her imaginary friend. From the explanation you should infer  this novel is one that features the two meeting and blending worlds in a way that either successfully ends the curse or doesn’t. Unfortunately, that is not what you get.

The most noticeable thing when you open the book is the possibly triple spaced layout. There are a few minor typos that can be overlooked if you desire to power through. If layout doesn’t put you off and for some people it may, then continue reading and learn all about  Abigail “Abi”Trenaulde.

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