What’s Your Story Wednesdays: Yae Stratton – Honey I Love

Title: Honey, I Love

When this poem was first published in 1978 in Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems, Elois Greenfield reminded us that love can be found just about anywhere. Twenty-five years later, she and celebrated children’s book artist Jan Spivey Gilchrist re-released a stunning, newly illustrated anniversary edition  for children of a whole new generation to celebrate the simple joys of loving and living.

Author: Eloise Greenfield

Born Eloise Little in Parmele, North Carolina, she  grew up in Washington, D.C., during the Great Depression as the second oldest of five children. Eloise was a  shy and studious child, who enjoyed music and took piano lessons. Greenfield experienced racism first-hand in the segregated south, especially when visiting grandparents in North Carolina and Virginia.

  Dismayed by the depiction of blacks and black communities in popular media, Greenfield focused her work on realistic but positive portrayals of African-American communities, families and friendships.  These relationships are emphasized in books like Sister (1974) where a young girl copes with the death of a parent with the help of other family members, Me and Nessie (1975) about best friends, My Daddy and I (1991) and Big Friend, Little Friend (1991) about mentoring.



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