Be Expo 2018: Children’s Books for Kids of Color


My weekend was one to remember for sure!

A few weeks ago when I was obsessed with the flower show! I should’ve been researching and getting my hustle on for the 2018 Be Expo! I was fortunate enough to grab a ticket, even scored me some expo swag. 20180317_1711011066486878.jpg

The BeExpo was sponsored by Radio One Philadelphia, and is one of THE largest expose catered towards promoting diversity and empowerment in the city. The vendors were local, some were faces you may have seen at others festivals.

I have a weird relationship with crowds; as more people flooded the convention center’s walking space, I realized that it would soon be time to leave. Just before we ended our day however, I was able to snag a peek at the cover of a book. It was Pinnochio, and I didn’t actually by that book. Instead I purchased, The Adventures of Jahloni & Jahbril,  a story about two Rastafarian boys who become superheroes after finding a magical ancient book hidden under their parents bed. The book sends them 20180317_1717121960211158.jpginto another universe filled with Dinosaurs and new adventures. The Adventures of Jahloni & Jahbril is best suited for ages 6 to 9. Urban Toons will be expanding into the world of apps for kids, but started remixing common beloved fairy tales, and setting them in a locale that children from different backgrounds would be familiar with. Urban Toons is also based in Philadelphia, so I’m even more happy to show support.


The other hidden find of the expo was a booth I’d walked right by when we walked into the event. A circle of20180317_190439909092533.jpg people crowded my view and I wasn’t able to get a look at what was being sold. Luckily as we were leaving I was able to catch another author selling his children’s book. There was a series called “Aron’s Adventures” also featuring an african american as the main character.screenshot_20180322-1956041630791066.jpg

The author Nahjee Grant was kind enough to speak with me briefly about his series. He is also the creator and host of the children’s TV reading show Really Exciting and Delightful Stories and travels to various schools as a motivational speaker. His Cool Smart Kid books, are geared towards people of color and at risk youth.

My day at the BeExpo was one for the books, I met many more authors, but that’s for another post. If you missed out, be sure to grab your tickets early next year. The event featured workshops, panel discussions, health screenings, and shopping at vendor’s booths.


What’s Your Favorite Children’s Story?

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#ShowsWeLove: Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Episode 16 – Our Decay A.K.A. Cora Pt. 2

OUAT 5X16 - Regina and Robin


Zelena a.k.a. The Wicked Witch of the West’s character is a notable one. First-born of Cora, a miller’s daughter, a.k.a. Queen of Hearts. Abandoned, so her mother could grab the crown she so desperately craved, she’s resents Regina for being the one Cora kept. So eager to surpass her sister, Zelena has managed to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

Tonight’s episode takes us back to OZ for a glimpse of the puzzling romance of Zelena and Hades startign with the spell that’d bring them together. Zelena, still ruling in OZ had plans to create a time spell that would send her back to before Cora abandoned her.

OUAT 5X16 Hades-She’d need a brain and having kidnapped the scarecrow she nearly succeeded in stealing his. Until Dorothy, who returned to Oz per the request of the Munchkins, came in to stop her. With the help of TOTO they escape leaving Zelena furious.

She immediately rushes to Munchkinland demanding answers, what she gets instead is attention from the Underworld’s Lord and Master. Hades spins a tail of treachery, that Zeus somehow tricked him into being stuck in the Underworld with a frozen heart and that only true love’s kiss will start his heart again. He means to use her time spell to go back and change his fate. The two bond over their vengeance and sibling rivalry.

He offers to help her by leading her to Dorothy, in turn she will help him with a spell of his own. Zelena tracks down Dorothy and manages to get the Scarecrows brain. Returning to her lair, Hades reveals that he is now in love with her. When she spurns him he vows she’ll regret it. OUAT 5X16  - Zelena

Rushing to the present day Underworld we see that Rumple is being forced to create a portal to bring living beings there. Rumple succeeds in doing so just as Zelena posing as the Blue Fairy comes to steal Baby Hood from Belle. Her plans when the real Blue Fairy appears but most importantly when the portal opens she and Belle and Baby Hood are sucked through it. Zelena injured and magicless is bested by Belle who runs to find help.

She finds Rumple who reveals, he’s still the Dark One; she’s pregnant, and that the baby will belongs to Hades.  Demanding he fix things, Belle takes the baby  and continues to look for help.  Zelena limps her way to Regina and Robin asking for help. Eventually tracking Belle down, as we suspected Zelena tries stealing her away.  Helpless to stop a crying baby without magic, Zelena decides the safest place for the child is with Robin and Regina.

Zelena goes off to find Hades, but as the two square off he confesses that this was all a ploy to show his love for her. Claiming to have tried to smuggle the baby away for her he begs to prove his love. Tearfully she declines this time leaving to go get her daughter back.

Let the games begin, the underworld just got more hectic. Next week Rumple faces off against Gaston….OMG!

#ShowsWeLove: Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Episode 15 – The Brother’s Jones

A common thread of Once Upon A Time is it’s focus on family, so tonight’s episode fondly titled “The Brothers Jones” was sure to offer insight OUAT 5X15 - Brothers Jones 1into the familial workings of our hunky Hook and his big brother Liam. The previews gave of the hard points of the episode, Hook newly rescued by Emma still guilt ridden that he succumbed to darkness is tracked down in the Underworld by his brother Liam.

Through a flashbacks we see how Liam has always looked out for Killian caring for his younger brother after their father sold them into servitude aboard the ship of a ruthless captain. Liam’s dreams as you may know at this point is to be get a naval commission. (Mostly from what I can see is a desire for the notoriety it’d bring.)

OUAT 5X15 - Henry and CruellaRemember in Labor of Love when Cruella tasked Henry with returning her to the mortal world? Welp in this episode Cruella drives haphazardly through Underbrook searching for the soul of the magic quill. Instead Henry finds the apprentice who’s unfinished business is actually guiding him to making the right decisions in regards to the quill. He the tells Henry exactly where to find it.

Snow and David go to retrieve the key to the apprentice’s mansion. James, David’s evil twin brother, is sheriff of Underbrook and has the ley at the sheriff’s station. He’s also porking Cruella. When David can’t take pretending any longer she reveals she’d always known it was him. They share a touching moment and Cruella explains how deeply hurt James feels for being the one their mother gave away to the king. OUAT 5X15 - key

As of now James is still M.I.A. (probably because he’s busy being David) so key in hand the troupe heads to the mansion where the Storybook that has Hades story is said to be.

Liam sacrifices his dreams of being a navy man when he comes back to find Killian unconscious, drunk and broke from gambling. Refusing to leave his brother alone on the ship he decides to stay and make the next run. The captain had been hunting the famed eye of the storm a crystal found in the center of a hurricane. The voyage would’ve killed them all, so Liam and Killian cause a mutiny and attempt to stear it out of he storm.

OUAT 5X15 - HadesLiam attempted at first to rescue the men aboard the ship, but when visited by Hades he agrees to sell the crews souls to save himself and Killian, Hades even throws in the eye of the storm so that Liam can get that naval commission he’d been wanting. That secret was one that Hades was all to willing to reveal to Hook should Liam refuse to tear his pages from the storybook.

Liam acquiesces, but is found out by Emma who while outing him also gets into a fight with Hook.OUAT 5X15 - Liam As she storms off, Liam convinces him to give her time to cool off. Hook also sees the ink from the books pages on his hand and demands the truth, just as the drowned sailors come for revenge. Seems the old captain overheard Liam’s conversation with Hades.

The men are kidnapped and walked to the fire river and surprisingly Hades saves Liam whilst planning to kill Killian. Liam sacrifices himself for his brother and earns redemption, he ushers the souls of the sailors onto a magnificent vessel. Liam’s true heaven.

The battle for Hook’s soul has ended he decides to return to Storybrooke with Emma. Henry finally tells someone/David about the quill/ink and Cruella’s request. His cries to be more than just a spectator heard he finally understands the apprentice’s warning. His ability to write the stories is the key to finding out why Hades doesn’t want his pages read.


If you’ve seen the previews next week Zelena picks up with Hades where Cora left off with Rumple except it’s in the Underworld…

Has anyone wondered where Persephone is?

#ShowsWeLove: Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Episode 14 – Devil’s Due

OUAT 5X14 - Graves Revealed


Even the name of tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time is revealing. Devil’s Due… Immediate foreshadowing but I love it!

OUAT 5X14 - Baby BaelfireWhen we last left our heroes in the Underworld, they were killing Cerberus and angering Hades. Hades in retaliation has decided that for the 3 souls they’ve rescued, 3 of the rescue party would have to stay. As punishment for having hope, Hook would have to choose which of the three would stay.

Hook refuses to do so, and Hades in term plans to drop him in the river of lost souls. As he dangles, Hades taunts him advising that he would choose and kill all of his friends.

Rumple casts a spell while searching for Bae, and discovers that Belle is preggo, (perfect timing since actress Emilie De Ravin just had her baby.) In a flash back, we see Rumple when he was mortal and married to Mila. Baelfire, was stricken by a snake who’s poison would kill him in 24 hours unless he had a magical antidote.

The shaman responsible for the cure wanted 100 gold pieces since they were poor, Mila’s advice was to come back kill the shaman and steal it. Rumple in his cowardly days, couldn’t bring himself to killing the man while he slept and instead bargained the life of his second born child to save the life of his first.

OUAT 5X14 - Rumple and MilaRumple seeks Mila out to help them get to Hook in the underworld. She offers to help save Killian and meets Emma, the woman who single handedly bedded both her ex-lover and her son, and Henry’s grandmother. (Awkward)

Her souls aura helps get them to Hook who is dangling dangerously close to the river of lost souls. OUAT 5X14 - Rumple, Emma and MilaEmma rescues him in the nick of time but Hades comes in with a double cross of his own. Rumple has been trying to get home to Belle since they arrived; Hades who appreciates the Dark Ones penchant for death and destruction offers him a deal.

OUAT 5X14 - ShamanDestroy the boat that got the group to Hook and he would be sent home. Rumple, casts Mila into the river of lost souls and does as he is asked. Only to be betrayed by Hades in the end. Seems Rumple returned to the shaman, and killed him after possibly impregnating Cora. It nullified the contract they had in the mortal worlds however, in the Underworld it did nothing at all.

Both the Shaman and the broken contract belong to Hades who intends to collect, with Belle’s child that is unless Rumple agrees to work for OUAT 5X14 - Hades ContractHades.

Emma gets Hook back to the group, and Regina attempts the heart splitting spell that saved James but it doesn’t work. Hades has chosen the 3 souls to remain in the underworld, and plans to keep Emma, Regina and Snow White prisoner there.

This is shaping up to be quite the adventure, I wonder how our heroes will make it out now. I guess we’ll find out next week @ 8pm!



#ShowsWeLove: Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Episode 13 – Labor Of Love

Last week ABC’s Once Upon A Time returned and took us to the Underworld in a quest to rescue Hook’s soul. This week we meet the Underworld’s most notable pet. CERBERUS.

This three-headed hell-hound is the stuff nightmares are made of and our heroes must defeat it if they even want to get close.

The show opens with a badly beaten Hook, plotting his escape from the conveniently unguarded prison of the underworld. Inside it, a fellow prisoner warns him not to try to flee. Hook being our favorite cheeky pirate not only flees but brings her along with him, sending her with a OUAT 5X13 Megmessage for Emma to help and facing Cerberus alone.

Emma and the gang are scouring the underworld looking for Hook but instead stumble upon his prison mate. She advises them that Hook is captured by Hades and being guarded by the hell hound.

Mary Mags,  tells the group the only way to defeat Cerberus is by helping Hercules, who she discovered earlier in the search was in the underworld as a lost soul.  It seems our Queen has a history with Hercules, when she was still young before Regina outwardly tried to end her, he trained her to fight so that she could free her kingdom of bandits. He helps her to gain courage and trains her in archery. The two share blooming romance but he has a final tribute to complete before gaining access to Olympus and she has a destiny as Queen.

The two part ways never to speak again, until she finds him by the docks in the underworld that is. Hercules agrees to help however, when he flees from Cerberus and Hades shows up it’s revealed that upon leaving Snow White; Hercules was killed attempting to fight Cerberus and having failed his final tribute, he’s been trapped in the underworld ever since. Of course we all know Hades is uncle to Hercules and so Hades issues a warning to our group that by interfering with Hercules, his kin, he’d have to interfere with theirs. Emma takes this as a challenge, but is awe struck when Hades shows her Hook’s Hook ripped from his wrist.

The pity party begins and Mary Margaret sits pouting in the underworld version of their apartment. Regina comes in and whips her into shape reminding her that, Snow White, was a fighter and bested her in the one way no one expected, by making Regina her friend. The pep talk stokes a fire in her belly and Snow White heads back to the docks to talk some sense to Hercules.

Sidebar* Cruella convinces Henry to help make her human again by appealing to his desire to help Emma, I’d love to see how this plays out.

After talking to Snow White Hercules realizes his mistake was fighting a three-headed beast solo. Snow White offers to help him this time and the two team up, unfortunately, Cerberus had already been released by Hades and was chasing Emma and the rest of the group around the square. With some assistance from their new friend, Hercules, Mary Margaret and Megara (yup, that’s who it’s been the entire time) defeat Cerberus and rejoin the group.

Megara realizes that Hercules is the man who tried to save her from Cerberus when she died. He’d been killed in the process, which is how they both ended up in the underworld. The two ascend to Olympus together and Mary Margaret realizes that she no longer wishes to be Mary OUAT 5X13 Emma1Margaret. She returns to being Snow White. The broken Storybrook clock, echoes that 2 souls have departed and this angers Hades.

Who decides that for every soul our group saves, one of them must stay to take their place. Next week we see if Hook has the heart to make a choice.

Who would you choose to stay in the Underworld?



#ShowsWeLove: Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Episode 12 – Souls of the Departed

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time, spring premiere, we venture into the underworld in search of Hook’s soul. Emma plans to split her heart in two like her parent’s in order to bring him back to the world of the living. AOUAT 5X12UNDERWORLDORIG noble deed for sure, except the underworld is crawling with lost souls who’s unfinished business is likely a member of our rescue party.

Emma and Neil relive a nostalgic moment in her old yellow car. Neil, who is in a “happier place” and as a result couldn’t have returned from death anyway; warns Emma to turn back . Of course, choosing true love she presses on.

Cruella Deville is seen driving her trademark hellmobile through a red tinged doppelgänger of Storybrook. James the deceased evil twin of our Prince Charming (David), uses his twinning skills to steal a kiss from Snow White before disappearing out the back door of Granny’s.

Peter Pan is holding up in Gold’s shop and as usual is attempting to trade places with one of the team members so he can return to the surface world. His selfishness still in tact, he offers a potion to aid the group in rescuing Hook.

Cora who’s  unfinished business should be earning the forgiveness of Regina, attempts to save her by threatening to kill her father Henry, who’s down there ONLY because Regina crushed his heart. Regina plans to heed her mother’s advice to save her father from more torment.

The gang uses the potion found from Gold’s shop to locate Hook who looks like he’s been OUAT 5X12CORAdeflecting punches with that gorgeous face of his. He is unable to hear their cries and fades away. Regina’s father can hear and see her just fine and advises Regina to ignore her mother’s threats.

Regina chooses to stay in the Underworld, a decision that forces Cora’s hand and as she does as she promised, the gates of (Heaven?) open welcoming Henry Mills senior into the luminescent world beyond. This information let’s our group know that all of the souls in Limbo can be saved and the group plans to save as many as they can while searching for Hook.

This displeases leader of the underworld and reason for Cora’s treachery, Hades. Who punishes Cora for her failure by returning her to the ragged life of a Miller’s daughter and sending her away. As the episode closes we are able to see that this Hades is very close to the Disney Hercules animated character complete with sarcastic quips and flaming Blue hair.



More about tonight’s bad guy: Hades COMING SOON!

Next week Snow White and Hercules attempt to get past Cerberus!

What do you think of the Underworld so far?


The Mythaven Chronicles: The First Curse

All Hail the Queen

The violent violet fog enveloped the Enchanted Forest blanketing all who were near in its toxic grasp. The destination would be a place without magic, where there couldn’t possibly be happy endings for the simpering inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest. It didn’t matter that Snow had managed to escape with the child, where they’d be going no one would follow. The town of Storybrooke, Maine seemed as mundane as any other Hamlet. Without magic the townspeople were merely boring drones moving from one menial task to the next. A side effect of the curse was that they’d all repeat the same day over for all eternity accept Regina of course, and the Dark One who’d created the curse.

For years she’d managed to find contentment knowing that here she’d finally won. News of a pregnant woman wandering into a rural diner and being imprisoned in an insane asylum came by word of Gold who of course had managed to gain insight into the world around them. Snow White had managed to lose her prince, lose her child and would surely perish in a cage in this new land. The added bonus of the salvation, being lost in the realm gave Regina the closest feelings to happiness she could fathom.

Eighteen long years had gone by and gradually, overtime Regina simply got bored with her toys. She found herself experiencing a nagging feeling as if something, somewhere was amiss. No longer did she feel like taunting the comatose man in the emergency ward. He’d never respond. Regina knew who he really was, Prince Charming, frozen in a sleeping curse caused by his mortal wound during the battle that brought them here. A more fitting torture would be living out his existence as her servant; if he ever awakened he most certainly would.

Months crept by and soon Regina recalled the words of her teacher, “Magic comes with a price dearie,” Rumple was a clever imp. The price for her revenge was the heart of the thing she loved most. Her beloved father, crushing it left a void no matter of vengeance could fill. She could no longer relish her captives torment. She required something to give her true peace.  Regina wandered through town, finding herself at the school. It was recess and children were loudly screaming, dashing from one spot to the next. The ache in her heart pulsated and in that moment Regina knew what she had to do.

Her present was a harsh reminder of the decisions she’d made in the past. The emptiness of her womb, the love lost to her forever. The land without magic had for years kept her amused but now she longed for the release of a spell to undo her hardships. She heard slowly approaching the sound of a cane clattering against the cold sidewalk. The jaunty grin parting his lips alerted her of a pending deal she knew the Dark One would offer. The void in her heart sang out her request.

“A heart is a terrible thing to waste, dearie.” Mr. Gold as he’d been called in this world chirped menacingly.

She’d rolled her eyes an beckoned him closer, he’d promise to fill her void long ago. Regina could only wait until he was ready to reveal what would help. He’d seen how she still clutched the handmade bracelet in her palm. Known it belonged to a child Regina could never call her own. Rumple would only need her to agree to allow him to leave, he’d be able to procure for her a child all her own in theory.

Regina certain no other prospects would solve her ache, permitted him to do so. Soon Regina would have everything, a docile kingdom of loyal supplicants and a child to love who would love her in return. Her loneliness lifted for a moment at the possibilities.

Gold limped off with his signature grin painting his lips. He’d waited much longer than she for this day. It’d felt like millenia since he’d set off a chain of events that led him to this world. A few more couldn’t possibly hurt one as old as he.

The Mythaven Chronicles: The First Curse

The Land Without Magic

It had been a tumultuous journey through the wardrobe. Snow had barely managed to squeeze inside before the knights converged on her. The final vision she saw of her prince was him bleeding on the castle floor. That wouldn’t be their fate, she’d beaten death to get here and now swollen in motherhood she’d survived the darkest curse of all.

Regina had failed again, stumbling from the now dilapidated tree, Snow White made her way towards the rising sun. The fresh earth beneath her toes was moist and crumbling, her nightgown as white as her name suggested was more like a tan as it collected bits of her surroundings.

Nearby a faint whimpering called Snow to rest by a nearby bush. The closer she got the more it sounded like wailing. It was young Pinocchio, terrified and bawling. Geppetto, had managed to secure safe passage for one more after all.

Now Snow had to find a safe refuge for her group. The two carried onward down the side of the dirt road, stopping at a nearby diner. The smell of food carried them closer.  The door swung open and the smell of fresh baked breads flooding the dining room, Snow had just managed to sit Pinocchio down in a nearby booth before an excruciating pain ripped through her body.

She managed to gasp for help before losing complete consciousness…


The people in the city of Indiana, Pa would remark years later of how an unidentified woman burst into the local diner by the edge of town. Dressed only in a cream colored nightgown, the pregnant woman obviously a victim of abuse had kidnapped her eldest child and run away in the night.

No one could find out who the child’s father was and as the woman went into labor she’d screamed that his name was Pinocchio. Screaming and sweating she rambled on about how she was Snow White Queen of the Enchanted Forest. At that time an ambulance had been called and they’d sedated her to keep her calm.

Baby Emma, had been born en route to Indiana Regional and the local Gazette was able to catch a photo of older brother Pinocchio smiling proudly beside her. The woman known as Snow, had been institutionalized. With no identification and given the state she’d been in when they found her the courts ruled her incompetent to stand trial and she instead was placed in the Torends Mental Facility.

Baby Emma and Pinocchio were placed in the foster care system, somewhere near Boston and so the tale was told of how Emma grew up in foster care, Pinocchio who’d changed his name to August fled the system and made a new life.

All the while Snow had been locked away in Torends, initially they’d medicated her daily. Pleading with her to reclaim her sanity. In this world, Snow White was a fairy tale character, their lives and existence was discredited as not being real.  Her fears of an Evil Queen they told her was only her mind’s way of rationalizing years of abuse.

Though she’d always known deep down that this was the true lie. Her only way of escaping her new prison would be to play along. She’d started going by Sonya Wynter. Her father widowed at an early age married a woman several years his junior and thrust her into the woman’s lap. An opportunist, the young woman was not prepared for motherhood.

The only part she didn’t feel the need to embellish was the years of actual torture; toning down the parts where Regina had literally tried to kill her. It took six long years to finally be released, and though she’d managed to finally escape; it seemed as though the Dark Curse Regina cast had indeed won out. She was in a land without magic and had managed to lose the only hope for salvation they had.

She’d contacted the social worker who been “looking after” Emma and Pinocchio and had informed her that though Emma had been adopted she was returned some time after; the woman handed Sonya a missing persons flyer the only remnant they had for Pinocchio who’d run away from his last known foster home. Emma was somewhere in Minnesota in a group home.

Snow was furious she’d worked so hard to get here only to be told that her children had been shipped off. They’d lost one and were unsure of the exact physical address of the other. This world had been filled with incompetence yet they’d held her captive for believing a truth.

“You won’t be able to have them back unless you can prove yourself a fit parent,” the social worker said condescendingly. Snow had been wearing a pair of over-sized jeans, a white t-shirt and an over-sized gray sweatshirt that zipped. Even in the spring weather she looked disheveled. The woman had a point. In this world seeing was believing.

She’d sworn long ago to change her life around finding Charming had brought out the best of her. Her days of thievery were put behind her, but in this world people hadn’t used gold and silver, only paper and a hard card like material that you swiped to get funds. She pick pocketed a few people but had managed to only procure enough money for food.

She needed to look presentable, she needed money, she needed a job. She wandered haphazardly towards, Minnesota for a few years, letting each dead end job take her closer to Emma. When she finally reached the town called Minneapolis, she was mortified to hear that she’d been too late again. Emma was now with another family, in another home.

Snow knew that this was truly the work of the curse, to have made it to this new world safely and still be without the one thing she loved the most. She wouldn’t rest until she was reunited with her daughter again, and once she had Emma safely back in her arms, together they would seek vengeance on the Evil Queen.


“Don’t worry my love, I will find you…I will always find you.”


Season 5’s Broken Kingdom Sheds Light on the Shady Arthur

LANCELOT VS ARTHURSunday night’s all new Once Upon A Time finally explains the questions we’ve all been wondering. Who should our heroes trust and How did they fail Emma?

Newly knighted by Arthur, David is certain he can trust the charismatic king but Snow White believes her friend Lancelot.  And so we are taken back to Camelot 5 years prior, to a frantic Arthur being driven to madness questing for the Dark One’s dagger in an attempt to make Excalibur whole again.

Guinevere desperate to save her husband sneaks off with Lancelot to go find it themselves. They discover that Rumplestiltskin has it hidden on an altar which protects the dagger. He refuses to give it to them but provides a magic vial containing the sands of Avalon.

The sands are known to make anything broken appear fixed. When Guin tells Arthur of her original plan to trick him, he instead uses the sand on her and the kingdom. Apparently, it is also a very powerful brain washing agent.Guinevere and Lancelot

This is most important  because Snow and Charming create a plan to discover who is really on their side Lancelot had indeed been telling the truth but using the sands of Avalon, Arthur and a brainwashed Guinevere dust the Charmings and use them to get the dagger from Regina and Robin Hood.


During the commotion and in an attempt to help Emma defeat the Evil Rumplestiltskin shoulder angel, Hook takes her horseback riding and proves they may still have a chance at their happy ending.

Henry and Violet hanging out in the stables…Emma and Hook are now aware that he had an crush.

once-upon-time-season-5Lancelot newly imprisoned discovers Merida has also been locked away. Back in Storybrooke, Dark Swan snatches Merida ‘ s heart and uses her as a puppet.

Next week: Emma will be using Merida to turn cowardly Rumplestiltskin into a warrior worthy of Excalibur while her loved ones discover the sword stashed in her basement.

Be sure to watch ABC’s Once Upon A Time Sunday’s @ 8 chat with us on Facebook or Twitter @BluMoonFiction


Merida OUAT

Family Secrets: Ivy Jamison

This is an evaluation image and is Copyright Pamela Perry. Do not publish without acquiring a license. Image number: 0515-1001-2117-2920.


May 23, 2012

Name: Ivy Renee Jamison

Age: 14

Career: Freshman at New Bolden High/ Part – time Youth Model

Ivy heard the familiar sound of her parent’s bedroom door closing. She remembered a time when their room had been a shining light she could see through the hallway. It opened up the upstairs and made her feel safe knowing her parents were always available to steer her in the right direction. Those days were over now. She could not recall the last time she’d been able to talk for more than five minutes with either parent. They turned their backs on her, casting her aside for more important things like money and work and secrets.

Ivy knew all too well about secrets, being the youngest no one wanted to talk in front of her as an attempt at keeping her a child, innocent and pure. Their unwillingness to treat her as a valued member of the family had left her vulnerable; and she could not be left untainted. Her virtue had been corrupted and nothing would change that. She had seen too much, whispered conversations echoed through her bedroom walls many a night leaving her with unanswered questions with no one to turn to for guidance.

Where her family lacked, another filled the void. Someone who truly cared about her well being and her safety. Someone who never forgot to make sure she arrived home safely, someone who picked up her every phone call. Hassan had always had time for her, he was always there to answer any question; he supported her dreams and showed her a life her family felt she was too young to experience.

He made her feel loved once. Now she felt like her heart would beat its way out of her eye sockets. After everything they shared and everything he promised her, how could he just shoo her away like a stray alley cat? She wouldn’t be shut out, too many people had thrown her away without so much as considering the effect it would have on her.

She reached for her cell phone which lay as cold and lifeless on the bed as she had felt when she threw it by her pillow. She just needed to hear his voice, if he picked up that meant that he still cared for her and that he just wanted space. She could give him that, a little distance would only make their love stronger. She didn’t care about his past or how wrong people would think their relationship was. No one could stop her or she would tell, she would tell the only secret she knew. She would tell about mommy’s special friendship with her the man at her jobyoung woman. She would tell how she’d been dropped off at the studio months ago; and how no one was there when she was introduced to the agencies newest photographer, Hassan Franklin. She would tell them that it was their fault she had fallen in love with him.

Ivy sat on the plush bed reliving the horrors of that Saturday. She’d been content with life in general, she’d just had a birthday and was off to do a job most kids would kill for. The life of a young model was always one of excitement. The work wasn’t as easy as it looked on TV. She had to exercise all the time and mommy never let her eat junk food like she did Evan. Her parent’s always treated Evan better than they treated her. Her father more so than her mother. Her father never saw anything good coming out of her career. Models made good money, but even that was not enough for her dad.  He refused to even come near the studio where she worked, he’d never so much as been to one photo-shoot.

It was that reason she’d been alone that Saturday, being eyed conspicuously by the 29 -year – old photographer who no one had thought to background check before allowing him to work around children.

He didn’t look that old to Ivy, Hassan looked closer to her brothers’ age and he’d be going to college in a few months. Even then he looked pretty young, he had long black dreads that dragged across his back as he moved. His emerald eyes glowed beneath the lense of the camera burrowing their way into her teenage soul. He licked his lips drinking her in as she modeled the newest summer looks the studio had set out for her.

At the time, his gaze made her feel uneasy. No one had ever looked at her that way before. The look was a hungry penetrating stare that she felt deep in her stomach. It made her squirm. The studio director gave her a brief reprieve from his torturous gaze. She wanted to run away, she wanted to tell her mom. But what could she tell them, that the new photographer looked at her funny? No one would take that seriously, no one ever took her seriously.

Ivy opened her call log and reviewed the recent number; aside from a few classmates, all calls were from him. She quickly pressed his name and waited for the sound of his voice. The seconds dragged on forever as her heart dropped with every passing ring. He would not be picking up this time, he’d said he wouldn’t. Anger flooded her veins, she would not be abandoned again.

She had loved him and gave all of herself at his whim, he would not; could not forget she existed like her mother had the day they’d met. Her mother, her living idol, had deserted her. Skittering off under the guise of running errands, a trend she’d picked up only a few months prior.

They had always discussed what to do if an emergency popped up or Ivy finished her session early; she would call her mom’s cell and wait in the lobby of the rehab center where Regina worked.

Ivy relived the day in her mind, thinking back to how uncomfortable she felt at first when Hassan put the camera down on the stool behind her. She remembered how her skin prickled at his touch as he re-positioned her on the sofa she’d been standing in front of. His breath had been warm on the back of her neck, Ivy remembered how it gave her the creeps.

“You have a very exotic look Ivy, you could definitely pose for more than just kids pictures.”

The comment had been whispered seductively in her ear as if he was sharing a secret meant for her alone. Ivy hadn’t known what to make of it. The closest she’d ever come to someone coming on to her had been Ethan Miller in home room. He would leave a paper heart cut-out on her desk every Friday morning. This was different, this felt foreign, wrong and mildly exciting.