2017 Birthday Book Haul

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My birthday was on Tuesday and I asked for books, (and a new bookshelf) my loved ones saw fit to oblige here’s what I got!



Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” My best friend got me two new bookmarks, this one features one of my favorite quotes on it. The quote by Norman Vincent Peale, reminded me to always persevere and to go for what I want. Even failure in attaining my goals could lead me closer to them than if I weren’t to try at all. Every reader needs a good bookmark and the metal one with decorative chain will last me through many stories.

The other bookmark I got was two-sided. I’m a very spiritualistic person. I know my zodiac, Chinese zodiac, birth-number etc. I’m a child of the word according to the African zodiac and my moon sign is cancer. Naturally, bestie got me a bookmark that speaks to me other-worldly side. My suit is the clubs, We aspire to understand life through communication, we quest for knowledge, logic, mental intuition and education. The King of clubs is the Master of the Mind. A master communicator successful in all mental areas. I love these because I always find them to be eerily accurate.


My best friend Ainyae,  makes us all personalized gift baskets for holidays. So the bookshelves, candle and books were all a part of a set. This book is a book of quotes from authors like Mark Twain and Cicero. I haven’t read them all yet, but they are sweet.

20171107_092413-11312192618.jpgA new fiction stand alone to add to my library is Night of the Animals by Bill Brown. I’m not familiar with the artist and having received it as a gift I’m not supremely familiar with the book itself. The inside panel describes it as a new-aged Noah’s ark situated in a futuristic London. The main character believes he can speak to the animals and is determined to free them from the zoo. He sets to the task of freeing them while interrogating them for information about his dead brother. There’s also a suicide cult who wants to kill the animals and themselves. Leave it to my bestie to grab something I’ve definitely never thought to read. My November TBR list is all booked up but I’m sure there is a reading challenge that may require a book like this in the future.


I remember this book in high school, all the “cool kids” had one to detail their angst and channel their creativity or at least that what I told my mother as I begged for one. I believe I had it for all of a week. This goes against every fiber of my body but the concept of this book is to literally, Wreck This Journal and I’m working on it. This version comes in color! A big step up from the original black and white copy. This journal is full of pages meant to be scribbled, bitten, cut and crunched. Things I would usually prefer not to do with my book. Actually, the day before receiving this book I went on a 5 minute rant about how horrible it is that people write in their books. So far I’ve written my name and info around the closed edges of the book, but couldn’t bring myself to go to a more daring page.  Wreck This Journal is the brain child of Keri Smith.20171107_092618-2221146668.jpg

The Special Edition 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone did not actually come in my birthday basket. If you’ve read my B-Day Book Buy article you know I’ve needed a replacement for my original copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after my copy literally fell apart at the hands of my mother. The book features information about Gryffindor House, its ghost and lots of other Hogwarts details. The complete first book of Harry Potter is inside along with other details from J. K. Rowling. Obviously I have read the first Harry Potter book. (Who hasn’t right?) The best thing about getting this book is actually that it completes my collection of the set which I had to re-purchase. (Thanks Mom). The next few books from the world of Harry Potter are the Cursed Child, (a late present from mom) Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch through the Ages.

I absolutely love my birthday books, the one about the animals will be getting read very soon, my bestie promises me it’s hilarious.


What books would be on your birthday wish list? Comment Below! 



My Happy Birthday Book Tag!


My birthday was on Tuesday, (Nov 7) just reached 27 – years – young. and of course I just had to do this book tag. I found it at Charlotte Vlogs who got it from Libro Liv I wanted to do a birthday themed post other than the Bday Book Haul so thanks to Google, I found this. Share and tag some friends, if you don’t have any feel free to tag me. 


20171108_144151-11086986079.jpgI was born on the 7th day of the 11th month. (November 7) I have two bookshelves a tall narrow one as well as a short, wide bookshelf. I always start at the taller bookshelf at the top. The seventh book in my shelf was He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. It’s not really fantasy book, nor is it a series but, I’ve read it and it is on my bookshelf in the non-fiction section on top.  After doing the math I was looking at -4. I wasn’t sure whether I should count four books forward from there or if I should have started over from the beginning. Moving backwards from the first book on my shelf to the 4 books on the other bookshelf led me to The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. Book #2 in the Infernal Devices prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. I plan to buddy read this series with my friend Breanna, after I make it through The Mortal Instruments, hopefully this month. Fingers crossed. 


Do I have to just pick one? There are so many awesome characters that I’ve read about in my 27 years. I suppose if I’m picking solely based on the most recent books I’ve read, I have to pick Captain Holly Short of the LEP Recon unit.00a1d676c0f5bf7dc1955107feba7594945013175.jpg She is one of my favorite characters in the Artemis Fowl series and is a secondary main character. Holly is the first female fairy to be promoted to the LEP recon force, EVER! Which means she was trained to be a one woman wrecking crew. My favorite thing about Holly is that no matter how rough she has to be in order to do her job, she’s still shown more humanity than some of the humans she’s encountered. I bet the conversations with her would be fascinating also, in the book she has a sassy attitude and often playfully jibes her friends. She’s also lived for hundreds of years, so we could discuss the world before humans got to it and the evolution of the earth afterwards. Holly also has magic and that would come in pretty handy. I’m still working on book 7 in this series, Artemis Fowl is written by Eoin Colfer.



20171108_1541042129541777.jpgWhile working on this question I realized that a lot of the books on my shelf take place in the fall. A lot of YA novels take place in the fall because… school. I’m sure there are lots of other reasons but the book I chose was Twilight: New Moon written by Stephanie Meyer. When I saw this question I immediately thought of Bella’s spiral into insanity in the 2nd book of the saga.  The book starts off in September (The Fall) and continues into the spring. The movie does a great job of showing the seasonal changes and how Bella also went through a seasonal renewal. First being immobilized by her grief and later as she sprang into life like a budding flower thanks to Jacob. Surprisingly it’s my least favorite book of the entire Twilight series. I was 19 at the time and it had a little too much teenage angst for my taste. 


I actually have two birthstones, and my topaz birthstone comes in a variety of colors. Since I couldn’t decide on which stone to pick I choose between topaz and Citrine,  I chose one book for each stone. 


My bookshelf is pretty dark, the covers are all mostly black or blue. Finding a book that matched my birthstones was not as easy as anticipated. I wanted to keep to books in my bookshelf for this one. The book that looks the most like a blue Topaz in my opinion is, Artemis Fowl (3): The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer. The metallic blue color shimmers and matches just like my stone.  I’ve actually read this book and am working on finishing the series.20171108_1544411622781139.jpg 


For my Citrine birthstone the book I chose was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows by J.K. Rowling. My Dust jacket is missing from the final book so as I was searching for a Citrine colored book I’d noticed that exposed fabric of the Hardback was a close match. I’ve read up to book 4 of the series but i’ll be revisiting it at some point this year.


I do love a good series but I think the most books in a series i’ve ever read was 13. While searching I found out that I am in fact mising the 13th book something I plan to rectify immediately. I had no real answer for this question so I turned my attention to google. Sadly there is only one book ever written that has 27 books within the series. Alas, before I continue please don’t be offended. Google said the only book with 27 books in a series was The Bible. The New Testament to be exact. Some would argue that this book doesn’t qualify so I decided to check again.photogrid_1510174544674173128335.jpg  6736ad11e52f1535ccf0ae2e73ba88a51793660104.jpgRefining my search to fantasy novels with 27 books and I found a list of the Longest Fantasy Novels ever!. The closest I came to my age was 26 books in the Dragonriders of Pern series. Quite a few have 30 books in them and I even found a series with 45 books in it. Click this link here  for more of the longest series in Fiction. 



There are a few places I’d loved to visit based on books i’ve read. Because I have to pick, i’m going to choose the Isle of Skye as described in the House of Night Series.  This particular place is a very real location in Scotland. However, I’m pretty sure they used creative license when describing the home of Sgiach. 7b5ebad8dc8f6cfcd4a05daa3178ded1527140660.jpgThe island is also known as the Isle of Women, home to the Guardians of the Ace/ The MacUallis clan. 88a7cff0c26d1fad719216b03e50f2c1274817296.jpg The sons of Erebus warriors were also trained there. The most interesting thing about the island is that Queen Sgiach cast a protective circle around the island so that anyone without permission couldn’t enter. The island is suppsoed to be breathtakingly beautiful with marbled white stone that glitters by torch light. It has sattelite and Internet. The island is home to a gorgeous castle that leads to the shoreline. In the sacred Grove, there is the Hanging Tree, two trees, a hawthorn and rowan tree, twisted together to form one. From the branches of the strange joining, strips of brightly colored cloth are tied to it in a strange yet complementary contrast to its ancient, gnarled limbs Each knot, each strip of cloth, represents a wish. The Hanging Tree is grown by the Fey. I’d love to visit Italy and Greece the closest I believe i’ll get to such a place.


Feel free to play along! Remember to tag the creator’s of this tag and me of course!


Did you find a series that had the same number of books as your age? Comment Below!

Blu Moon Fiction Exclusive: Philadelphia Is Dying!


Zombies will overrun Philadelphia by 2018, or at least that’s the setup for Philadelphia Is Dying the new zombie apocalypse short by upcoming director Teddy X. Starring local stars such as, Gobanna Pleasant and Ainyae “Mz. CreYaetiv” Stratton as the lead character, this short film offers a new spin on the end of the world.

What We’re Reading: Artemis Fowl (The Eternity Code) 

Book Three in my #2017BookReviewChallenge is the third Artemis Fowl book. My first thought was…. wow.

Someone actually got the jump on Artemis Fowl. A life interacting with faeries has made Artemis soft, complacent and good- natured .

Still dabbling in the underworld, a business deal goes south, and Artemis is forced to beg for Butler’s life while also bargaining his memories to help protect both the fairy world snd the real world from the villainous John Spiro.

The unscrupulous Spiro, has stolen the  C cube a tech holy grail designed by Artemis from stolen fairy technology. Butler was mortally wounded and the fairies were severely comprimised.

Artemis and the gang come together to take down Spiro and retrieve the cube but when it’s all over Artemis won’t remember a thing.

The third installment of the Artemis Fowl series had me on the edge of my seat. We see glimpses of Artemis changing into a better person as a result of his friends while forcing him to outthink a formidable opponent.

I truly hated the villains and cheered for our heroes. The final moments of the book lay on the emotion as our group disbands for the safety of the fairy kingdom.

As always the book was well written, if you loved the  first two you’re in for a real treat with this one!

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2017 Book Review Challenge

I set my 2017 reading goals in January. I set the goal for 20 books and as of September I’d read 2. Determined to actually complete my goals,  I decided to appeal to my competitive nature and join a second book challenge. DelightedReader.com has several book reading challenges including a reading scavenger hunt and a binge read option.

The challenge I chose sets a goal not just for my reading but also for my writing. The 2017 Book Review Challenge allows you to set your own goals as long as you read the book and write a review. 

You can read all my reviews right here on Blu Moon Fiction and check up on my progress via my Good reads feed. 
To join the Book Review Challenge here!

What We’re Reading: Artemis Fowl  (The Arctic Incident)

Trudging along through my own personal book challenge I’m adding book 2 of the Artemis Fowl series to my read pile. 

An amazing follow-up to the original, The Arctic Incident manages to bring everyone back for a fast paced action packed story.
That’s not to be clichè short of the preliminary therapy session in the beginning everything following is one laser blast after another. 
In what can only be Colfer’s ironic sense of humor, Artemis Fowl is being extorted. Having bested the faeries last year after kidnapping and later releasing captain Holly Short he’s terrorizing staff at a prestigious boarding school. With his mother well and on her feet Artemis has been mounting a search for his father….and he finds him.
Actually the Russian Mafiya find him and hold him for ransom. He’s ready to go kick some Russian butt when he’s accosted by Holly Short, something sinister below ground cause the two worlds to collide.
I especially enjoyed the semi-closing of one story arc while they also teased the very likely pairing of Munch Diggums and Artemis Fowl.
Eoin Fowler is quickly becoming one of my favorites. 
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What We’re Reading: Artemis Fowl

​The very first notch in my reading challenge quest is book 1 of the Artemis Fowl series. The aptly named Artemis Fowl. 

I originally discovered the Artemis Fowl series around age 13. It’s glimmering cover called to me from a table at the scholastic book fair.

The series archives criminal mastermind and twelve year old child prodigy Artemis II and his gargantuan bodyguard Butler, on a interspecies criminal caper for leprechaun gold.

However, LEP recon officer Holly Short is not who you’d want to meet at the end of a rainbow. The book itself is a battle of wits between the affable if not criminally insane Artemis Fowl and the everyday good cop/ gung ho female determined to prove herself Holly Short.

Adolescent me couldn’t appreciate the mental back and forth. The string of events start off simple enough. Artemis Fowl II is presently in control of what’s left of his families prestigious criminal empire.  Through some bad luck his father, blasted from sea, has been missing and his mother has had a psychotic break.

The ambitious young Fowl sees only one recourse, steal fairy gold and reestablish his families wealth.

Captain Holly Short, is the first female recruit in the LEPrecon unit and she hasn’t been making a good name for herself. Running out of magic and attempting a sacred ritual to restore it, she is caught in the crosshairs.

In an exciting magical hostage negotiation that spans the next 147 pages. Adult me had a better appreciation for the fast paced storyline and the second time around I was able to complete the book within 24 hours.

I’m currently working on the second book in the series and I’m charging through. I love this series!

Have you read the Artemis Fowl series? Which is your favorite?

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