Birthday Book Buy: Harry Potter Special Edition (20th Anniversary Philosopher’s Stone)

20171106_153404I got my first copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 5th grade.  It was a required reading book that thanks to a nasty cold I finished months before my classmates. My mother took an interest in the books that had me hooked and decided to read it for herself.  She destroyed it and the books that followed. Sometime around Book 4 I quit reading the series since my mother is heavy into spoilers and the movies were easier to get through.

An ex-boyfriend got me started with rebuilding my collection and until last month I had all but 2 books missing. My friend Breanna told me about the 20th anniversary special edition copy of the first book and I just had to have it. 20171106_153317

I decided to grab the Prisoner of Azkaban since it was the only other book missing and ordered my copy of the special edition book to complete my collection.  Though I ordered it back in October the book hails from the UK and was said to be here a week or 2 after my b-day.

The Book Gods have decided to send it to me early. The Book Got Here Saturday!!! As promised the Book features lots of extras including a Hogwarts Quiz and an Alumnae listing. I just may have to re-read the series now that I have the full set again.

Which was your favorite Harry Potter Book? Leave a comment below! 



Harvey Parker – Throwing Stones

Fan Fiction of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Book 1

Harvey Parker is an orphan who managed to be the only known survivor of known serial killer and mad man, Timio Rydell also known as Lord Vektor. Whose mission in life was to cause anarchy by murdering elected officials and their families. Jeffrey Parker who worked for the FBI criminal task force  and Laura Parker a US diplomat were in the witness protection program hearing reports the Rydell had recently been able to locate, torture and poison Frederick and Alicia Lordano also from the FBI criminal task force.

Timio abandoned by his father, born of a gypsy woman who sold fortunes among other things. Had been on a rampage for 6 months.  During a night high on opiates and other narcotics, he’d overheard a tale from one of the many vagrants living in his run down flat. Words slurring barely keeping her eyes open Maura, a haggard toothless wench and fellow addict lay in a heap of old dirty laundry they’d piled in the corner. Greasy fingers smearing ash into the peeling wallpaper; she told a story that would see Tim live in infamy, only to be stopped by the likes of a small boy.

The grandiose story played to his psychosis, and thus started a hunt for a special child. A child born to parents of the Fed’s. A child who’d bring his downfall.

Rydell had come to understand that the establishment around him would not allow for him to rise through their ranks traditionally. A man with his dark past would not be able to waltz into congress. He’d have to initiate a hostile takeover.

A failed attempt which saw the murders of Laura and Jeffrey, the disappearance of Fred and Alicia and an extraordinary chain of events resting on the shoulders of young Harvey. The Boy who’d bested a serial killer.

What We’re Reading: July – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 20th Anniversary!

Anyone born after the 90s is well aware of the Harry Potter series and it’s ability to bring something as nerdy as magic wands and spectacles to mainstream popculture.

It started with a single book and spawned into a franchise worth billions. J.K. Rowling as a result has managed to go from living a life of homelessneed as a single mom to heading a global fantasy empire.

July’s book of the month is our tribute to the students of Hogwarts whom we’ve grown to know and love.