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Woke up this morning to two separate YouTube videos from my sissy. Both from a new series called First by a woman named Jahmela Biggs connected to Issa Rae’s channel Issa Rae Presents.

If you’re memory needs jogging she gained YouTube success with her series Awkward Black Girl and then flipped that into a deal with HBO for her show Insecure.

d232089ae170c70d0a4257d86cdb6ee98128462081191471842.jpgI discovered Issa rae’s existence during her awkward black girl phase, I thought she was funny but didn’t really watch YouTube like that, (I prefer to read or play the Sims).

When Insecure aired the world broke and people even said I behaved similarly to the main character. Having never seen the show I could never figure out if it was a compliment or 4c2a522644f28faef7ba9d0b940847a06620583198992379352.jpgnot.

Now there’s another really good show. First already has 2 seasons out at least and I plan to go back and watch every episode to figure out the story with Robin and Charlie.

I am very proud of my spiritual and ethnic sistah’s and the journey that they’re on,but, I also want to kick myself for still having nothing completed or published.

I’m one of those really competitive people who is competing with you whether you know it or not. I hate being last in anything.

Though I don’t measure my happiness based on others success, I do measure my success compared to other peoples success.

As a writer, I’m grossly behind the curve. As a blogger I’m pretty backed up too. I’ve spent so much time considering how to use Blu Moon Fiction as a platform, I never ec65924bb15b0727d1ca6e1b9249a6ab2125108293481305846.jpgactually considered how to effectively say what I wanted to say. (Something I spend my days figuring out.)

Others already know what they want and made the necessary steps to get there. Everyday I’m seeing more people who look and act like me… and all I keep thinking is when will I actually get there…

Everyday is a new day and a new chance to start fresh. Something to look forward to. We writers are a depressing bunch aren’t we…lolz

If you haven’t already you should check out First here


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