Season 5’s Broken Kingdom Sheds Light on the Shady Arthur

LANCELOT VS ARTHURSunday night’s all new Once Upon A Time finally explains the questions we’ve all been wondering. Who should our heroes trust and How did they fail Emma?

Newly knighted by Arthur, David is certain he can trust the charismatic king but Snow White believes her friend Lancelot.  And so we are taken back to Camelot 5 years prior, to a frantic Arthur being driven to madness questing for the Dark One’s dagger in an attempt to make Excalibur whole again.

Guinevere desperate to save her husband sneaks off with Lancelot to go find it themselves. They discover that Rumplestiltskin has it hidden on an altar which protects the dagger. He refuses to give it to them but provides a magic vial containing the sands of Avalon.

The sands are known to make anything broken appear fixed. When Guin tells Arthur of her original plan to trick him, he instead uses the sand on her and the kingdom. Apparently, it is also a very powerful brain washing agent.Guinevere and Lancelot

This is most important  because Snow and Charming create a plan to discover who is really on their side Lancelot had indeed been telling the truth but using the sands of Avalon, Arthur and a brainwashed Guinevere dust the Charmings and use them to get the dagger from Regina and Robin Hood.


During the commotion and in an attempt to help Emma defeat the Evil Rumplestiltskin shoulder angel, Hook takes her horseback riding and proves they may still have a chance at their happy ending.

Henry and Violet hanging out in the stables…Emma and Hook are now aware that he had an crush.

once-upon-time-season-5Lancelot newly imprisoned discovers Merida has also been locked away. Back in Storybrooke, Dark Swan snatches Merida ‘ s heart and uses her as a puppet.

Next week: Emma will be using Merida to turn cowardly Rumplestiltskin into a warrior worthy of Excalibur while her loved ones discover the sword stashed in her basement.

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Merida OUAT

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