LiteraryPhilly.Org Launch Party!

20200119_190112.jpgMoment of truth time ladies and gents, as a book blogger, I spend about 75% of my time online looking for -literary events to go to. Outside of reading books, a large part of my job i’m learning, is networking with authors and other bookish entities like myself.  It’s a lengthy process of following a series of links down a rabbit hole and hoping to compile a fair calendars worth at the end.

It gets tiresome.

But a solution has been created.

Literary Philly, a public calendar for Philly’s literary community to share their events free of charge.  Is a tool allowing anyone to explore the dozens of literary events that occur in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area each month.

Tonight we celebrated the launch of this brilliant idea as well as the start of the 2020FB_IMG_1579487420912.jpg literary event season. Hosted by Blue Stoop, 215 Festival and of course Literary Philly.

The site will of course host events from Blue Stoop 215 but will also be the place to check out updates for the 215 Festival.

Blue Stoop was gracious enough to share the spotlight of IMG_29091.jpgtheir January Writer Happy Hour, to celebrate the launch of the website. They’ll be at Win Win Coffee Bar next month also. 

There were drinks and amazing food. Special shout out to Asia who’s #WriterJawn t-shirt was the talk of the event. Overall I’d call tonight a great success, i’m looking forward to working with the ladies of All Things Literature as well as the wonderful minds behind Blue Stoop and the 215 Festival.


Most memorable thing about tonight would have to the food, check out the @blumoonfiction IG page for more about the amazing food we had tonight. 


What Are Some Ways You Find Literary Events in Your Area?

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