Featured Author: Renée Ahdieh

Born in South Korea, Renee Ahdieh is a NY Times bestseller and celebrated author for novels such as, The Wrath and the Dawn;  The Rose and the Dagger and her latest, Flame in the Mist.

Most of Ahdieh’s novels involve female leads who disguise themselves as men to save themselves from danger. She draws inspiration from Tamora Pierce’s,  Alanna as well as Norse mythology following the same theme.  

Flame in the Mist as a direct homage to Mulan, the largest tale if cross dressing we’ve ever heard. 

Renee Ahdieh, though primarily a YA author has written for adults in the past. She was advised her writing style was better suited for young adult fiction and the rest is history.

A very hands on researcher, she prefers to come into contact with artifacts from that time period.

She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and dog Mushu.

Once Upon A Time Character Bingo

Once Upon A Time  Character Bingo (Shows We Love)

Terms & Conditions

Qualifying for Blu Moon Fiction’s Bingo Contest

All contestants in Blu Moon Fiction Contests must adhere to these requirements prior to review of win. Any contestants who have not adhered to terms, is disqualified. (Your win is nullified).

  1. Contestants must like the Facebook.com/BluMoonFiction  page.
  2. During Gameplay, contestants must call out the squares on their personal pages using the appropriate tags.
    1. Example: Henry (I-4) #OUATBingo #BluMoonFiction #ShowsWeLove
  3. When calling Bingo, you must list on your own Facebook Page, the line you are claiming as BINGO, the corresponding names which prove your win, and include the tag #OUATBingo #ShowsWeLove

Gameplay, Picking Your Board, Calling your Square

  • Each week Blu Moon Fiction will release three game boards exclusively on the Blumoonfiction.wordpress.com blog.
    • The squares called for the night’s game will be listed under the board’s photo on the Blu Moon Fiction Page.  (So no worries if you miss one!)
  • Players may download/ print out all three boards for gameplay.
    • Only one board will be used on the facebook page and for specialty challenges. Top 5 winners of BINGO who qualify per terms above win prizes.
  • Specialty challenges top 5 winners using the matching FACEBOOK PAGE board, will win the specialty items.
  • Prizes will be advertised before gameplay on both the Blu Moon Fiction blog and Facebook page.
  • Though commenting on the Facebook page is permissible, to qualify your square for a win, you must call it on your own personal page.

Claiming Your Prize

Upon winning Bingo you must email your name, mailing address and shirt size to BluMoonFiction@gmail.com. Within 24-48 hrs of your win!! We will review your win and confirm your prize. Once the first 5 winners have been confirmed, Blu Moon Fiction will process your winnings and within 7-14 BDs (standard mailing timeframes apply) You should receive your prize.


When Is the Game Played?

#OUATBingo is played Sundays @ 8pm during Once Upon A Time which airs Sundays @ 8pm EST on ABC. For more updates visit the #ShowsWeLove blog on blumoonfiction.wordpress.com