Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 2- The Price Board 1

Bingo Board 1 Queen Elinor b1

Qualifying for Blu Moon Fiction’s Bingo Contest

All contestants in Blu Moon Fiction Contests must adhere to these requirements prior to review of win. Any contestants who have not adhered to terms, is disqualified. (Your win is nullified).

Contestants must like the Facebook.com/BluMoonFiction page.
During Gameplay, contestants must call out the squares on their personal pages using the appropriate tags.

Example: Henry (I-4) #OUATBingo #BluMoonFiction #ShowsWeLove

When calling Bingo, you must list on your own Facebook Page, the line you are claiming as BINGO, the corresponding names which prove your win, and include the tag #OUATBingo #ShowsWeLove